We believe that natural is best

We only use 100% premium Tasmanian chicken to create a superior quality,
healthy treat for dogs and cats that are also planet friendly.

About Us

We’re based in Tasmania, heralded for its clean air, lush green pastures and renowned for producing premium quality produce.

Isle & Sky is committed to environmental sustainability. As such, we only use 100% traceable, premium chicken from Nichols Poultry based in the North-west of Tasmania. Unlike most others chicken producers, Nichols Poultry are leaders in the industry for quality, sustainability and animal welfare.

Our special freeze-drying process locks in all the nutrients, natural flavour and provides a natural chicken texture that your furry pet will love to eat.


Isle & Sky is committed to environmental sustainability through our farming and packaging initiatives as well as having a social positive impact throughout our partnership with Devonfield. 

Some of our key sustainability initiatives include:

  • Onsite wind turbine to support our production power needs.
  • Compost the litter from our chicken sheds and this is then also used as fertiliser for our farm.
  • All waste water is treated and used to irrigate pastures.
  • Unlike most other brands, we don’t use chlorine in our manufacturing process or operations.

Socially Responsible

All our products are made in Tasmania with care before they are lovingly packed by Devonfield, an NDIS provider, empowering people with disabilities pack our treats, helping us to create a better world.